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“Our graduates are well prepared for the animation industry, and as a result many are recruited by animation studios from both coasts.”
Reeves Lehmann
Student Work
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About The Department
  • We give you the tools you need to hone your voice and art
  • Train on the latest animation software and hardware
  • Many of our alumni are internationally recognized animators
  • Thesis films shown to industry professionals at the Dusty Film & Animation Festival
  • 311 students, 32 faculty, 39 courses
  • Curriculum at a glance
    • 72 credits in studio
    • 30 credits in humanities & sciences
    • 15 credits in art history
    • 3 credits in elective courses
  • 39 courses offered, including:
    • Acting for Animators: Expressions and Body Language
    • Advanced After Effects
    • Advanced Stop-Action Animation
    • Animation: From the Filmmaker's Perspective
    • Backgrounds and Inspirational Sketches
    • Career Strategies for Animation
    • Character Construction
    • Creating Unforgettable Characters
    • Developing the Animated Series
    • Digital Matte Painting with Photoshop
    • Drawing Animals in Motion
    • Experimental Animation
    • Flash for Animators
    • Introduction to Stop Motion
    • Introduction to TVPaint Animation
    • Key Poses and Inbetweening
    • Miniature Sets and Action Props
    • Perspective Drawing
    • Sound Design for Animation
    • Storyboarding for Animators

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